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How to Live Life in the Fast Lane with Assisted Living in Kent

Articles November 4th, 2015

Many people think you start to slow down when you enter into your golden years,. They think of aging as a dreary matter, where you progressively move slower and slower until you’re not moving much at all anymore. That can be a real nightmare.

But assisted living in Kent, Washington is anything but slow living. Between the PGP Motorsports Park, Pacific Raceways, and Hydroplane and Raceboat musueum, living in Kent is living life in the fast lane.

1. Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum

One of the most thrilling museums you’ll ever visit. So far, it’s one of a kind. The museum is the only one of its kind dedicated to powerboat racing. The museum started in 1983 and has been dedicated to the history and engineering of hydroplanes and Raceboats. The history of these crafts dates back over 70 years, and this museum is the only one you can visit to see them all!

For those looking to learn (and potentially get involved), the Hydroplane and Raceboat museum is the number one place to go for getting a historical education. They have an extensive, all-encompassing collection of magazines, photos, books, and even racing films – dating as far back as the 1940s.

In addition to all this, they have a boat restoration shop that volunteers and employees work on to maintain. So whether you have an interest in learning or volunteering, there are numerous options.

2. Pacific Raceways

In 1960, a family opened up Pacific Raceways, a motorsports facility in Kent, Washington. If you have a deep-seated interest in drag racing, motorcross, and other racing sports, then this is a must see.

The track is over 2 miles long with over 9 turns along the way. Some of the most famous race drivers you can think of have visited and practiced along its course. If that weren’t enough, police use the premises to practice high speed pursuits along freeways.

Of course, spectating is one thing, but actually driving is another. Pacific Raceways however offers rentals, sports driving classes, and racing school programs. Not looking to slow down in old age? Kent and Pacific Raceways have you covered – so get that adrenaline pumping.

3. PGP Motorsports Park

If you’re looking to live faster and drive faster, but want something even more grounded, then check out the PGP Motorsports Park where you can rent a go-kart and go all around the track.

It’s incredibly quick-paced and even offers memberships so you can drive at an additional discount. Whether you want to take classes or bond with your grandchildren, PGP Motorsports Park is the perfect place to celebrate your golden years in style.

You may think that retirement means slowing down, but it never has to. If you want to speed things up, consider assisted living in Kent, Washington. This puts you right in the heart of a racing country and affords you all the freedom you could want.

Rather than maintain an expensive home that requires a great deal of maintenance, move to an assisted living apartment where you can relinquish all the errands, chores, and tasks you don’t want to do anyway. Tired of paying your bills? Let the staff on hand take care of it. Tired of shopping for groceries and cooking your own meals? Let gourmet chefs take care of you. If you don’t want to remember to renew your medical prescriptions and pick them up, then let someone else do it for you.

Life doesn’t slow down and you don’t need to either. Enjoy your golden years, they’re more exciting than you know.

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