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Assisted Living Seattle

Assisted living is perfect for elders who may need help with day-to-day tasks, but are otherwise healthy enough to not need dedicated medical care. One great aspect of Assisted Living Seattle facilities is the mental and emotional boost that comes from living in a community of peers.

What Can I Expect at an Assisted Living Seattle Facility?

  • Meal preparation, transportation, medication management, bill payments
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs): Showering, grooming, dressing
  • Social Events: Dancing, games, trips & community engagement
  • Laundry, housekeeping, and home maintenance

Memory Care

Many assisted living facilities also provide memory care accommodations for residents with dementia. Caring for a family member who is showing signs of dementia is demanding, and may eventually be dangerous. If your loved one is wandering, sundowning, or dangerously forgetful–such as not locking the door or turning the stove off–it’s time to consider options.

Find Assisted Living Near Me

Our Advisors can recommend trusted Assisted Living Facilities near you. We associate with communities in Washington, Southern California, Oregon and Idaho.

More Assisted Living Information

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  • 6 Ways Assisted Living Boosts Your Productivity – Help to eliminate the stigma of Assisted Living by learning about the wonderful possibilities and freedom that comes with not having to worry about tedious tasks like meals and home maintenance.

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