Sally started her career as a massage therapist in 1993 living in San Francisco. She describes herself as a jack of all trades, working in the hospitality industry, at Ghirardelli Square and doing some office work all while working as a massage therapist. After 15 years of living in San Francisco and doing massage therapy Sally moved back to her hometown of Seattle. She got CNA and started working for a local in-home care company providing care and companionship to seniors in their homes. For the next ten years Sally worked for in home care providing care and care management services. She had a short stint at Planned Parenthood but decided helping seniors is her calling and she went back to the long-term care industry. In 2021 Sally joined the Concierge Care Advisor team where she works as an advisor covering West Seattle and King County.

Name Credential Date Issuing Authority
CCA Certified April 12, 2021 Concierge Care, Inc.

I grew up in Redmond and currently live in West Seattle. In my spare time I tend to my garden and flowers, and enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients from my garden. I love camping, and would car camp with my pup every weekend if I could.

About Concierge Care Advisors

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