By Bobbie Holz, Certified Senior Advisor at Concierge Care Advisors

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many people have feelings of happiness, love, and being loved. For someone who has recently lost a spouse, these feelings are quite different. Feelings of sadness, depression, numbness, shock, and broken heartedness have taken over. For everyone, loss of a loved one or a spouse changes this day of celebrating those we cherish most. ​

What we need to remember most is that we need to continue to take care of ourselves. ​​As time passes, you will still miss your loved one, but hopefully you will start to have more good days then bad. ​Even though you may feel as though you can’t go on, you need to continue to take care of yourself because this is what your spouse or loved one would have wanted for you.​​ It’s okay to take time. Every time we go through loss, it takes time. It might even take a long time, and feel like things ​will never get better; no one person experiences loss and recovery at the same time as another might.

Here are some thoughts for you to help with grief while mourning:

  • Take care of yourself – make sure to keep eating properly, exercise, and try to get enough sleep. ​
  • Talk with loved ones and caring friends- let your friends and family know when you’re comfortable and ready to talk about your loved one.​
  • Find a support group-it usually helps to talk with others who are in the same or similar situations as you. This creates a human connection with another who may be experiencing similar feelings. It helps not to feel you are alone in your grief.
  • Try not to make any major decisions right away – wait a little while to make big changes; you could just be experiencing a moment of vulnerability. Make sure you are ready.​
  • Remember, your family is grieving too- your children and loved ones are likely going through a hard time, ​as well. It’s important to stick by each other.​
  • Don’t be hard on yourself in grieving a loss, allow yourself time to heal.

Losing a loved one may be the hardest thing you go through in life. Make sure to take it easy and take it one day at a time. Don’t forget that your family, friends, and/or support group are there to support you and comfort you.​ If you or a loved one needs support with the loss of a spouse contact us and we can help refer you to a preferred professional with whom we’ve vetted thoroughly.