By Shalane Farrell, Certified Senior Advisor at Concierge Care Advisors

I recently received a call from a gentleman who was looking for an Adult Family Home (AFH) for his mother. His mom was 93 years old and had been living at an assisted living for the past eight years. She had experienced a significant decline in recent months and really wasn’t using all the amenities the AL had to offer. She stayed in her apartment, had private caregivers 24/7, needed help with all of her Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s), and would sleep most of the day. Between the rent and the 24/7 care givers, he was paying over $15,000 a month! I discussed a few AFH’s with the son that would meet his mother’s requirements and provide amazing care. One of the things he wanted for his mother was a private room and bathroom, and if possible, an Asian provider.

We selected a date to meet and subsequently toured three beautiful Adult Family Homes in the Bellevue/Kirkland area. He had included his sister at this point and she joined us for the tours. I could tell as we visited each location, that he and his sister were very impressed with the homes and the providers. When we finished the tour, I asked him “If you had to choose a home right now which one?” and he immediately had an answer, selecting one he was particularly keen about. I asked him to discuss it with his sister and once they had arrived at a final decision, to let me know, and I would help them with the next steps. The next morning, he emailed me and said he and his sister would like to move forward and move his mom to this same AFH.

It’s very rewarding to work with such a kind, caring family. The love this son had for his mom was so evident all the times I spoke with him, or exchanged emails. I am so glad I was able to help this adult son, particularly given his hesitancy to move his mom in the first place. One factor was the amount of money he would be saving by cutting out the private care he had 24/7, in addition to the rent and care at the previous Assisted Living. His mother is scheduled to move in the next few days, and it is without a doubt in my mind, that he and his sister will be genuinely pleased with the care and attention his mom will receive at this wonderful Adult Family Home, where all of her needs will be met, without bringing in additional support.