By Brenda Deschner, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

I meet with new families every day.  Usually because a loved one is having health problems or due to an emergency. The one thing I am always asked is, “When is it a good time to move?”  Everyone has different needs, but my answer is always; before there is a need.  This is especially important for someone with memory issues. This allows them to become familiar with their new home, the caregivers and staff.  It is far more stressful for someone with memory problems to adjust when you wait for their symptoms to advance.  Imagine waking up and not recognizing your surroundings and the fear that you would experience.  That is what a person with Alzheimer’s/dementia would experience if you wait until they are not as cognitive.

Another indication would be when you notice that medication isn’t being managed properly, or when cooking and cleaning are difficult.  I often hear, “Oh Mom eats TV dinners” or, “They eat out a lot.”  This is not a healthy option for most people, especially a senior who needs to control salt and sugar intake, or to maintain a regular digestive system.

When you notice the yard isn’t maintained.  Clothing is dirty.  Maybe the refrigerator has expired or has moldy food in it. These are all signs that your loved one is not able to thrive in their home. Their quality of life will improve when they have medication management, cooking, cleaning and activities to keep them active and socially engaged.

The simple act of having a conversation with another person their own age is so important to their happiness.  I hear, “Mom is not social”.  She can’t be social when she can’t drive or leave her house on her own.  You will be amazed at how talking to others and participating in activities will improve the quality of their life, and to just see them smile again will bring so much joy to your family.

No one ever wants to be told it’s time to leave your home.  Often times their resistance is the fear of not knowing what is available.  That’s where having an advisor can help so much.  We learn what their care needs are now, and can help refer your loved one into a home that will be able to achieve their future care needs as well, so that another move will not be necessary.

Whether you have waited and are now find yourself uncertain of next steps, or are preparing for the future, we are here to help meet your needs.  We have learned how to navigate during the Coronavirus and helped hundreds of families already during this crisis.