By Vannah Rose Roberto, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

It is hard to know when it’s the right time to think and plan ahead before you or your loved one are put in dangerous situations. One of the main reason’s seniors are hospitalized are caused by falls, aside from dehydration and medication errors. Seniors are taken to the hospital by a single fall and often by avoidable situations such as tripping over a rug or a pet. Whatever the reason is, one fall can change everything. Thinking and planning ahead can easily put you in the best possible situation and can give you and your loved ones some peace in mind.

There are many resources in the community that can keep you safe at home for as long as possible, such as In-Home caregivers, Home Health Therapy, Companionship, and even Life Alert pendants. In- Home Caregivers and Companions are at a private pay cost and usually charge by the hour. An average cost in the state of WA is about $35-$45 an hour. Home Health therapy can be prescribed by your Primary Care Physician if you feel that you need therapy to maintain your strength and safety at home. With a doctor’s order, Home Health Therapy is covered by your insurance which activates your Medicare part B plan.

Life Alert Pendants are a great tool to have and can give you and your family some peace in mind. Most Life Alert Pendant’s, if not all, are programmed to alert 911 and your emergency contacts if you push on the button or have a sudden fall. Your pendant absorbs the shock from the fall and sends a signal to 911 and your emergency contacts to alert them that you could potentially be hurt.

All those options are created to provide you some resources in the community to keep you as independent for as long as possible and assuring your safety at home, but maybe you or your loved one really need the extensive support and assistance that only can be provided outside your home. Looking into alternative homes such as Senior Communities, Assisted Livings or Adult Family Homes can be a great plan to be open minded about. Concierge Care Advisors are equipped to go over these options with you and provide you the information you need, and at no cost to you. We would love to help you go over your specific needs whether there are spiritual, medical, financial or all of the above! We will walk with you to make informative decisions for you or your loved one’s future so that you can have some peace in mind. Contact us today!