By Sally Maddox, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

Defining how you want the future and your life may be easier when it’s just you.   But life isn’t just for one.  Inevitably, we are asked to make decisions for others that could impact our future.  There are times in our lives when we are baffled about what the next steps should be.  The question is where to turn and what to do when our loved one is fading and no longer functions safely in the world. It’s hard to imagine and creates very difficult decisions.  Consider the care and understanding one needs to keep our vulnerable population safe; the point of authenticity and genuinely knowing that it’s time to be proactive and have a plan implemented.

Conquering the anxiety can be challenging for one to choose the appropriate environment and the best scenario for your loved one.  You will be met with resistance and at times be blamed for the deliberate decisions that are needed for looking beyond the disease and its behavior. In these times you may use your intuition, separating the expectations and the difficulty of the real decisions.

The choices you make from this point forward will shape how the future looks for you and your loved one.  Having the foresight to know what they would like their life to look like is huge.  The responsibility to hold someone’s future is a gift and privilege they gave to you.  Consider kindness and patience, the way you would want to be treated is what we all deserve.