By Terri Wilson

I received a call from a very involved Son yesterday, his father had been recently diagnosed with cancer and wanted to know about options for when dad was discharged for his care. Because they’d not had to walk the path of an aging parent before, it was a bit overwhelming because he wanted to make the absolutely best decision for his parent. They had already had “the move” conversation, which was a start, but it had always been for moving and living in Independent Living, not even thinking about needing assistance, let alone the cost that goes with it.

Even though they were aware of the cost for living in independent living, the family was astonished with the care costs if and when they were needed. Skilled Nursing was also an option, but paying privately was out of the question, $10,000 a month was going to add up quickly. The cost for In Home Care could go as high as $30,000 a month if he got to the point of needing awake 24 hour care. The concept of an Adult Family Home (AFH) or, sometimes called an Adult Care Home was all new to their thinking.

Simply put, an AFH is home that is licensed in the state of Washington to care for and house up to six residents. Most have their own bedrooms with large common areas for socializing and meals are eaten together. This becomes someone’s new home, it’s theirs to become a part of and enjoy. Every care need is provided from healthy meals all the way through total care if someone is totally bed ridden and dependent on 24 hr care needs for their well-being. Some specialize in Dementia or Alzheimer’s, while others have active, social residents who still go dancing at the Community Center weekly. Each one is unique to the owner/provider. And you need someone like Concierge Care Advisors to make certain that the AFH is exactly what your loved one needs now as well as in the future. Once you move someone from their own home, you never want to move them again. It’s important to get this decision right the first time. Economically, it is also the most cost effective to help older adults to not outlive their finances. This son is excited to visit a few AFHs this week, and Dad is excited about helping in the kitchen again!