Let’s set the stage – not the one with a manger.

You’re an adult. You have a spouse and children. Those children are in college. You’re balancing the cost of their tuition with your elder’s senior care home.

It’s Christmas.

You’re not even sure you celebrate Christmas, but you want to spend time with your family even though your son begrudges returning home and your daughter would rather spend time with friends. You spouse never much liked your parents, but that doesn’t mean they’re not willing to visit.

Earlier this year, your mother (the kids’ grandmother) lost her husband. You flew up to her then to aid her and comfort her. Although she was still in good health, she was dispirited. The visit was good, but short. You promised to visit again soon.

“Soon” turned into Thanksgiving, and it seemed easiest to fly your elder out to the family… but she didn’t want to fly. It was too late to make changes, so you turned your attention to Christmas. You would be flying everyone out (your spouse, son, and daughter) to see your mother. It wasn’t easy to coordinate flights, but you did it.

You booked two hotel rooms, despite your son and daughter wanting individual rooms. You arrive… but it just dawned on you that you don’t have an itinerary for what to do.

So what do you do?

Assisted Living During the Holidays

Hang out at the assisted living.

That’s it!

Most assisted living communities are booming during the holiday season! Not only are they a sight to behold with all the decorum, but the coordinators throw activity after activity and event after event.

This time of year, they have comedians visit, Shakespearean actors performing in the commons area or Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Movie marathons of modern hits (and some old classics) run for days at a time. Crafts like decorating ornaments, building gingerbread houses, tree decorating, carols, masquerade balls, and board games galore. And, believe it or not, the food is exceptional!

In short, you don’t need a plan this holiday season, assisted living takes care of all events and activities. In fact, family visits are part of the reason why assisted living communities deck the halls with things to do, they want you to visit.

Last week, we wrote about how elders long for their children’s presence and that holds true. Assisted living’s want you to visit for their sake as well; to put them in good cheer! As the grandchildren age, they become less and less likely to want to visit their grandparents, but that’s why there are so many activities planned around them visiting.

This is the loudest time of year – in a good way. Families of all the elders are getting together to celebrate! So join in on the fun this holiday season!