Concierge Care Advisors is a senior care referral agency, and on a foundational level that means we are a company founded on building relationships and trust. Having been in the senior housing industry for as long as we have, we have seen what horrors can come out of improper placement or from those that feel they must compromise their living situation due to low-income. This is all the more reason why building a bridge of trust is so crucial. We understand the fears and doubts.

Our services go beyond the company; it’s not simply our jobs, but our values and it’s why we dedicate so much of our time to our fellow advisors. When we invite care advisors to join our team, we get to know them as individuals. And, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, one of our members, Patricia Agrelius, has a family story for the ages.

Marion and Max Don

They met in 1943 during a high school tennis game in Golden, Colorado. Marion (high school senior), despite being the away team, made a great play that Max could not help but marvel at. All it took was one smile and they started dating.

It wasn’t long after graduation that they became engaged. The challenge was that wartime sent them in completely separate directions.

Marion joined the Cadet Nurse Corps, whereas Max enlisted in the Navy. The two recalled their wedding night vividly as they had both agreed to meet in Idaho, at the bus station in Coeur d’Alene. Of course, for Marion, this meant all night on a bus and for Max this meant taking leave.

Normally, taking leave wouldn’t be a problem, but one of the other officers had thrown a snowball at the Chief Petty Officer. The punishment? No one was allowed to take leave – not even for wedding plans.

Of course, this didn’t stop them.

Max snuck away – despite potential repercussions and against the better judgment of his peers – in his full dress attire, hitchhiking his way and Marion met him at the proposed spot. They found a pastor and immediately were wed. Soon after, they travelled to Spokane where they would celebrate their honeymoon in the allotted 24-hours. They dined, enjoyed coffee, and even saw a film. Today, neither recall the title of the film, but with the sudden jubilation of being wed who can blame them?

Before they knew it, they were separated again, on different buses, going back to their respective jobs. As for whether or not Max was reprimanded? That’s an entirely different story.

Then, if you can imagine, their life together couldn’t even really start until the war ended.

Since then however, they’ve been inseparable, raising four daughters and now, 70 years later, they have nine grandkids (including a great grandchild).

70 years!

When asked, “What’s your secret?”

They both said, “Respect.” In the beginning, it’s always love and happiness – you need that – but afterwards, it’s the respect that enables you to endure. Max Marion have seen the divorce rates skyrocket in recent years and for them it seems like people are giving up. There are always going to be ups and downs; even Max went on the record to say, “When I’m mad, I’m mad,” but what keeps them together is that mutual respect of one another.

They have lived in Mukilteo for 31 years and even after their 70th anniversary, they are, not just excited, but eager for the years to come.