By Gabriella Loya B.A, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

Being able to age in place at home is a wonderful thing and can be the best situation for a lot of people. Being able to hire in-home care is an option many people prefer and are successful with. In-home care can look different for people; it might be having a caregiver come every few days, daily, or live-in, depending on the care needs and financial abilities. Unfortunately, in-home care these days is becoming more and more expensive with care giver shortages and inconsistent staffing. We are seeing in-home care costs anywhere from $35 to $55 an hour. Within home care, you can be in your own home and have the care you need but there is a major part missing that an Assisted Living or Adult Family Home may offer. That is socialization!

There is a very natural socialization that occurs in communities that can bring excitement and meaning to peoples lives. We find that for seniors to continue thriving, they need to be able to still find purpose in something. That may be an activity, being a part of a committee or group, working on a project, etc. These are things that humans all ages need.  As part of an Assisted Living community these kinds of things are going on constantly. Being able to walk outside of your room and possibly run into someone, have off-hand conversation, and then that conversation may lead to lunch and an invitation for you to join their committee that is helping the community in a larger way. This would not be something that would occur at home with in-home care nearly as often as being in a community. There is a sense of being a part of something bigger that can bring a lot of meaning into people’s lives.

Everyone is different, but as a Senior Concierge Advisor I would always encourage seniors to step outside their comfort zone and see what a community can bring into their life. There is opportunity for new friends, relationships, projects, ventures, and more! Life has a lot to offer in this stage.