By Jessica Claybrook

With the hustle and bustle of today’s daily expectations, most members living amongst the “sandwich generation” barely find the time to plan what is going to be served for dinner let alone manage the feat of having a plan in place when the inevitable need for care increases for our beloved parents.

And when the time does come, whether it be learning more about local community options for increased social opportunities or making a transition to move to a senior living community, holding the responsibility of finding the right solution can be very overwhelming for most people.

However, sometimes what we as an adult child feel is the best option for our parents may not be the most parallel in terms of care needs; often times, those placed directly with the task of finding a solution for a loved one lean towards what is most convenient for themselves, versus what is the best choice for long-term success.

Having had the privilege of providing aid for those starting the search for elder care options, I wanted to emphasis the importance of considering utilizing a Senior Care Advisor as a resource. Partnering with a service such as Concierge Care Advisors can help omit countless hours of searches, get you the information that pertains to your specific circumstances and give you back the valuable time with your loved ones, which is what matters most.

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