By Mary Cordova, EVP Business Development, Concierge Care Advisors

The holidays are coming, and each year they seem to approach faster than ever!

If you have a senior in your life, remember holidays may now be different for them. They may be dealing with the loss of a spouse or loved one, making the holidays very difficult for them. This vulnerable group may also fall into depression. It is always important to meet seniors where they are living. Your loved one may become overwhelmed with more than just a couple of people around them, or it could be too stimulating for them, causing agitation or a higher level of stress and even depression.

When seniors have memory loss they can get stressed out prior to a celebration, so you may not want to share all the details of preparing, either. You know your love one, so just be aware that seniors may be in a different space than you are when celebrating holidays. On the other hand, we do not want seniors to be alone or isolated. Maybe a small celebration with your loved one is more appropriate, not necessarily expecting them to continue celebrating in the same manner as you have in the past. It is important to ask your love ones to find out what they feel comfortable with. Have these conversations prior to the upcoming holidays; let them be part of the decision-making. If they are entering a lively party, find a quiet part of the celebration so that they don’t feel so overwhelmed.

Communication is always fundamental to life in general. Talk with your seniors, you will always have better outcomes!

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