By Mary Cordova, EVP Business Development and Co-Founder at Concierge Care Advisors

We all met this horrible invisible enemy, the COVID-19 disease, three months ago.  Somehow, it arrived in Kirkland WA, at the Skilled Nursing Facility, Life Care of Kirkland. What it did not know is how resilient and loving our caregivers, nurses, hospitals and first responders are. Although they were not prepared for the fight, they are getting through the battle.

It has been truly amazing to see how all of those dedicated first responders continued coming back, over and over, in order to protect and defend their precious seniors at Life Care of Kirkland. These are seniors that have lived at Life Care for years, or people that may have been there for a short-term rehab, perhaps for a knee replacement, or other recoverable surgery.  Regardless of their reason and duration for being there, what has been constant are the staff who have been resilient with strong arms and a love of their patients, battling to protect the most vulnerable among us. They kept fighting even without proper protective gear in order to keep others safe. Life Care of Kirkland, our hats go off to you, and we are in awe with how you fought this horrible invisible disease that infiltrated your community, and affected our most vulnerable population.

The Life Care staff pretty much all contracted COVID. That did not keep your staff who were not infected from being there and covering for their ill teammates. We saw news clips, and we saw cars in the parking lot, knowing that these belonged to staff who were not going to give up their fight to protect lives on a daily basis.

We will never be able to replace the seniors we lost at Life Care the last few months, nor will we be able to replace the hundreds of others we have lost locally here in Washington, or nationwide. We do know that the caregivers are like family to all those seniors, especially as their own families are prohibited from entering long term care communities during the on-going quarantine

We Thank You for the battle you went through, and continue to go through to protect as many seniors as humanly possible. We Thank You for all of you showing your love and relentless compassion for those seniors at Life Care. You are the example for how our entire community and we should all respond.

The love, compassion, and support I have personally seen within our own team here at Concierge Care, as well as the Assisted Living Communities and Adult Family Homes has made us all stronger at Concierge Care, and we recognize that together, we are better people. Here is a Thank you from Concierge Care Advisors!

Life Care Skilled Nursing, I am sorry you were the first place the COVID 19 was discovered here in Washington. We are incredibly grateful for the way you stepped up, and also prepared all of us to step up with the example you set before us. For that I, and our entire team, are THANKFUL.

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