By Brenda Deschner, Certified Senior Advisor at Concierge Care Advisors

As we go through life the one thing that seems to be consistent is change.  As we age, we become less comfortable with it and we like to live in our own routine world.  Imagine now that you are aging, your body is failing you and you have very little control over it.  Or, you have lost your spouse who was your caregiver, and do not wish to burden others in your family.  These are challenges that our senior friends, families and neighbors are dealing with.

When working with clients I listen to what they aren’ttelling me.  Usually they know they need more support, whether it’s cleaning, cooking, or bathing (activities of daily living or ADL’s), or they have a higher level of care and need transfers, and/or medication management. The one thing they never tell me is that they fear they are going to a building that smells like urine and they think “This is it, I’m going to die”.  It’s my job to show them assisted living communities that are not only financially appropriate but also where they can thrive and not worry about the care being provided.

The senior living industry has changed so much over the last decade.  Today’s assisted living communities are like cruise ships on the ground. They are filled with life enrichment activities, exercise programs, cooking, travel, field trips, dining out, live entertainment and so much more.

Most times moving into assisted living communities highly improves the quality of life for a senior. They get used to being isolated and don’t realize just how much they are missing out on while sitting at home without proper care and help.  When they move into a community, they no longer having to worry about cooking, cleaning and laundry; it frees up their time to make new friends, share their hobbies and discover new ones.   It’s very important to have people in your own age group to talk to as well.  Living among peers offers a unique social aspect that is better than being holed up in alone in their home.

Getting out to tour assisted living communities is the only way to address the fear of the unknown.  With proper education, seniors can let go of those fears and the transition is easier to accept.  It’s also important to have a certified Advisor help you and your family navigate through this journey.  We help protect your information, recommend communities that are appropriate for care, financial affordability, social stimulation and any other accommodations there may be, and it is our honor to do so.