By Vannah Rose Roberto, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

Are you coming to a point where you need someone else to do the driving for you or your loved one? Good news! There are multiple options that are available for seniors that are available to take you to and from places at a low cost, whether it’s for leisure or for doctor/medical appointments. Aside from Taxi/Yellow Cab services, who also have the capability to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers, there are other options for seniors as well such as Northwest Transportation Services, Tri-Med Cabulance and Access Transportation. They serve seniors and individuals with special needs, with the ability to drive wherever you need to go and at a low cost!

Each of their driver’s training includes certification in Basic First Aid, CPR and Passenger Assistance techniques that can bring you a little comfort in knowing you can be taken care of in the event that it is needed. They are able to assist transportation for: Ambulatory, Non-Ambulatory, Wheelchairs, Electric Wheelchairs, Power chairs and Scooters, Door to Door Services, and Non-Emergent Transportation.

You may be wondering, “Does my Insurance cover transportation?” and the answer is Yes and No. Many major insurance companies like Medicare, Kaiser, and United Healthcare cover for Emergency Medical Transportation and may cover for Medical Doctor appointments as well, though will not cover transportation for leisure and personal needs. The best way to find out what Transportation services your insurance covers is to call your customer service line to find out what is available to you under your plan. If you or your loved one has Medicaid/DSHS insurance, there’s also a transportation Service that is available for you. Hopelink Transportation is available to seniors in the King County and Snohomish County areas for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation and can be requested either on the phone or online 2 days prior to your scheduled trip.  All you need is your Medicaid Provider One Number and the addresses for your To and From Destinations.

No matter the situation or the need, there are transportation services that can get you or your loved one around the Seattle and greater Puget Sound areas. If you are suddenly requiring more assistance than just transportation and need to look into alternative housing from your independent home or Senior Community, we at Concierge Care Advisors are here to help guide you on the best possible solution for you or your loved one! Give us a call, we are more than happy to provide you with information and recommendations based on you or your loved one’s needs.

Transportation in Seattle:

  1. Access Transportation:
  2. Tri-Med Cabulance (For medical treatment and doctor visits ONLY):
  3. Northwest Transportation: