Dramatic Growth as Company Enters California and Expands in Northwest

SEATTLE, WA–(Marketwire – May 1, 2012) – Concierge Care Advisors continued strong growth as it became a West Coast company by expanding into California’s San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, due to demand for its high-quality services. Company presence also increased in Oregon and Washington. The senior placement and referral agency helps individuals and families identify the best in senior living, nursing homes, assisted living, memory care homes, and in-home care based on each individual’s personal circumstance.

“With a total population of 38 million, there are 4.5 million seniors in California,” said CEO Marc Lilly. “No company was providing Californians the quality service that is our hallmark. By reaching deeper into this market, Concierge Care Advisors will provide our exceptional services to a large and growing senior population.

“Our business plan includes structured, careful growth to maintain the quality difference that makes Concierge Care Advisors so unique in our market,” Mr. Lilly continued. “With significant interest across the country, a solid future is assured. We will continue to achieve in every major market on the West Coast, setting the stage for our national roll-out.”

Concierge Care Advisors in Q1 brought new programs under its CCA Preferred Provider Advantage, including those that strengthen the continuity of care for seniors. With a motto of “Safety and Security of Seniors above all else,” the company’s approach offers long term care providers substantially more trustworthy and accurate client information than others in the industry. Within Preferred Provider Advantage is Concierge Care Advisor’s Provider Portal which allows anytime-access connecting directly to the company to update information about their long term care community, including vacancies, upgrades, and awards.

Concierge Care Advisors rolls out innovative Preferred Provider Advantageefforts in Q2 to improve the financial stability of the adult family home industry with complimentary consulting and management tools, including the Financial Health Check Powered by Corelytics™; Corelytics was named the “2011 Intuit App Showcase Grand Prize Winner.”

“Because of their exceptionally high standards, ethics, and commitment to improving everything touching seniors, we are very pleased to partner with Concierge Care Advisors,” said Frank Coker, CEO and Co-Founder of Corelytics. “Together, we are applying new initiatives that will ultimately improve the entire business sector.”

About Concierge Care Advisors

Concierge Care Advisors was co-founded in 2010 by CEO Marc Lilly and EVP Mary Cordova to elevate the senior placement and referral industry through the highest ethical standards, self-regulation and prioritizing the safety and security of seniors.

Concierge Care Advisors provide exceptional guidance with carefully appraised options in senior care, senior housing, retirement communities, assisted living, dementia care, nursing homes and more. The company thoroughly screens, credentials and trains its Advisors who work towards the best outcomes every time. To learn more, visit www.conciergecareadvisors.com.