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Memory Care in Seattle

Memory care in Seattle, Washington is usually tied to the other senior housing options, but not every option. Essentially, these are assisted living facilities and adult family homes that have specific housing, training, and staff on hand to work with elders suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

There is no cure to Alzheimer’s Disease, but there are routines and practices to slow the disease’s progression. For this reason, it’s better to move to a memory care facility before it progresses to a severe state where costs can soar and the quality of life is less than ideal.

These memory care centers have been vetted by our esteemed Care Advisors who still visit these facilities bi-monthly. If you’re struggling to find out what kind of care you need, simply contact our Care Advisors and we’ll help you assess wants & needs. It’s toll-free and our services are at no cost to you.

Queen Anne Manor

Queen Anne Manor in Seattle

Memory care in Seattle is available at a variety of facilities, with one of the best being Queen Anne Manor. Set in the heart of a quaint, European-style neighborhood, you’ll be delighted with convenient access to vintage shops, gourmet dining, and many amenities that aren’t found at other memory care centers in Seattle.

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El Dorado West

El Dorado West in Seattle

El Dorado West is a community in the south side of Seattle that offers independent living (for those looking for a leisurely retirement), assisted living (for those who want a bit more help managing bills, medications, etc.), and memory care services. What adds to the ease of this community is residents can increase their care, should they need it. Of course, for those interested in amenities and entertainment, El Dorado has you covered as well.

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Horizon House

Horizon House in Seattle

Horizon House is retirement in style. What that means is, if you want an indoor pool, valet parking, fitness center, business center, meditation room, chapel, bistro, a wine bar, weekly films, a massage parlor and much more, then this is the independent living community for you. Of course, Horizon House also offers memory care services for those diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease later in life.

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