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Independent Living in Everett

If you want to live in an urban environment, but you’re coming from a metro area, then you’ll fit in to Everett, Washington. Everett is swimming in nature with beautiful flowing rivers, beauteous lakes, expansive parks, and awe-inspiring mountainsides. Of course with independent living, seniors have the freedom to do whatever they want to do.

Independent living communities are best for elders who don’t need assistance. Many choose this form of senior care simply because the cost of maintaining a home is too expensive or too tiring. When people refer to “retirement communities” they usually mean independent living. The services offered at these facilities are usually active in nature since the residents are healthy, but they do provide housework, gardening, linen services, and transportation (typically).

That said, if your loved one needs more assistance than the facility offers, you can always hire in home care as well.

Cascadian Place

Cascadian Place in Everett

What Cascadian Place does (and does well) is provide the best of both worlds for retired elders. Whether your goal is to relax, sipping a martini on a boat while whale watching, or taking a rigorous hike through Deception Pass, Cascadian meets those goals. The interior is glamorous with beautifully ornamented homes, and it’s exciting, offering a wealth of activities, encouraging staff, and plenty of exploration outdoors. If you want to retire in style, Cascadian Place in Everett is the perfect community for you.

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