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Assisted Living in Everett

Assisted living in Everett, Washington combines the metropolitan lifestyle in an urban setting. One of the best recreation areas for seniors is the Carl Gipson Senior Center (CGSC). They offer fitness classes, continued education, dancing, games, and crafts; not simply painting, but woodcarving, jewelry making, and ceramics as well! For seniors who are interested in learning and living an active lifestyle, assisted living in Everett is perfect.

Assisted living is often chosen by elders who no longer wish to own a home and have minor to moderate care needs. Assisted living provides care for activities of daily living (like cooking, cleaning, and grooming) as well as transportation services, linen service, and housekeeping. These are welcomed perks and eliminates many of the daily chores and mundane responsibilities for seniors, freeing up their time to live a carefree and happy life.

Brookdale Arbor Place

Brookdale Arbor Place in Everett

Assisted living in Everett can be found at various facilities, with one of the most renowned being at Brookdale Arbor Place. Featuring gardens, patio areas, walking trails, and lush landscaped grounds, this facility boasts beauty at its finest. Staff members provide assisted living services around the clock, ensuring all residents receive the attention and care they need.

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Everett Plaza

Everett Plaza

There are several places to turn to for assisted living in Everett, with one of the best being Everett Plaza. Well-known for being an affordable and compassionate care center, Everett Plaza is here to meet all of your assisted living needs. Boasting a wide range of personalized services, you can rest assured knowing your treatment will be customized to ensure you receive the care and attention needed to live a functional yet independent life.

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