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Adult Family Homes in Everett

Adult family homes in Everett, Washington are perfect for elders who want the best of both worlds: living in a bustling city and getting away from it all. Everett’s one of those rare cities that finds a good balance between nature and shopping centers.

Elders moving into adult family homes (AFHs) have the luxury of living inside an actual house. Unlike many other senior living options that are retrofitted hospitals or apartments, adult family homes are inside actual homes in urban areas. They may be next door to people who don’t even know it’s a senior care home.

One of the best aspects of choosing this senior living option is that the staff provide highly customized and personal care since the State limits the number of residents to 6. Everyone will know each other by name.

New Horizon Adult Family Home

Senior Care

The New Horizon Adult Family home offers numerous basic and extensive assisted living services. Amenities are abundant, including meal preparation, social programs, and complimentary transportation. 24/7 care ensures each resident receives proper care.

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Amy’s Adult Care Home

Senior Care

24/7 care is available at Amy’s Adult Care Home. Meals are prepared on a daily basis and with an on-call physician, all basic and extensive medical needs are sure to be met. This facility is pet-friendly and also provides many amenities, including social activities.

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Cole Adult Family Homes

Cole Adult Family Homes in Everett, WA

The Cole Adult Family Home has many years of experience and expertise within the senior care industry. Providing the medical care and amenities needed to live an independent lifestyle, this adult family home in Everett has become home to many residents over the years, all of whom have enjoyed their stay.

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Gem’s Adult Family Homes

Gem's Adult Family Homes in Everett, WA

It is thanks to Gem’s expansive list of available services that residents are able to enjoy a quiet, comfortable home setting. Whether it be temporary or long-term care, Gem is able to meet all assisted living service needs.

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Mach Adult Family Homes

Mach Adult Family Homes in Everett, WA

Located in a beautiful part of Everett, the Mach Adult Family Home excels in providing a wide range of adult family home care services. This home is fully licensed, allowing it to provide an assortment of medical services, including catheter assistance, oxygen therapy, and many more.

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