By Vincent Kovar

With the number of seniors in the U.S.A. growing faster than ever before, the choices in senior living are growing as well. However, many people are stuck with out of date ideas about just what senior living is.

Boxing classes for 95 year old women? Yes, that’s a thing. Tai Chi? Extensive libraries? Numerous cafes and restaurants in a single facility? Yes, these choices in senior living are all possible. From piped in music to dozens of holiday displays in the hallways, many senior living facilities are resembling first class hotels rather than the “nursing homes” we imagine. 

My grandmother is 95 and literally taking those boxing lessons I mentioned. She reads a book every two days. She knits warm caps for people who need them. She shops for herself and hosts cocktail hours…or not, sometimes she has lemonade hours for the teetotaler folks. Either way, she is in charge. Let me tell you, she has no doubts about what she wants.

Some of her neighbors were professional musicians before they retired and now put on concerts for the other seniors. Still others host art classes and game nights.

Pair of senior citizensSome seniors want privacy in their own apartment. Others want movie nights, sports bars, and even opportunities for charity work. Even others want a combination of the above. That’s what Concierge Care Advisors will find you — your choice.

Let Us Help

Let us help you find just the right spot. Our advisors are stringently vetted, rigorously accredited, and only accountable to you, the client. We make the appointments, walk with your through the viewings, and check in after you choose…then check in again…then again, just to make sure. We stay with you through the first step to your total satisfaction. And, we’re do it for free at no cost to seniors or their families. Our goal is total satisfaction. Every time. For every person.

Not sure? Look us up. Ask care providers. Every person on this staff has an elder we love. We treat every client just like we do our own families and loved ones. Read our reviews or check out the “Wall of Love” to hear from some of our satisfied clients. We’re not the biggest referral but, we are going to always be the best. We’re an advocate who is always on your side.

The point is that assisted homes aren’t an ending. They are exciting new phases in living. You know who you are. You know what you want. Whether it’s assistance in the home you’ve lived for years, or a new apartment in a community of new, exciting people — give it a try. Listen to your family and then tell them what you want.

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