By Stephanie Williams, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

As the sun begins setting sooner, the days becoming cooler, people tend to want to stay in to avoid the cold weather, rain, and viruses that are starting to increase. It’s easy to fall into a rut of not taking care of yourself and staying inside, and that can lead to isolation, feelings of loneliness and lack of care of yourself.

It’s important to keep a routine to stay active, keep busy and to remember to take care of yourself.

  • Get a self-care journal and write in it every day. What did you eat? Did you learn anything new? What do you want to do tomorrow?
  • Regular exercise is important to get the body moving: walk through the hallways a couple times, do some arm work outs while watching TV, turn on a low impact stretch video and watch it in the gym and follow along.
  • Keep your mind busy and try different games such as Sudoku, word puzzles or try to learn some basics of a new language.
  • Take the time to have some socially distanced fun with family and friends or get assistance in setting up virtual meetups. Try to join any activities being held in the community and strike up conversations and make new friends.
  • Plan time for you during the day: that could be making face masks at home once a week, watching a couple episodes of your favorite show with your favorite snack or getting cozy with your all-time favorite book.

Seniors who stay active and take care of themselves are more happy and healthy.