Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) are places where seniors can move to comfortably while they’re healthy, knowing that they’ll be able to stay even when their health needs change. The main benefit of such arrangements is that they are equipped for different levels of care from independent or retirement living all the way up to skilled nursing care. Seniors living there won’t have to move when their care needs change. It’s all about peace of mind, especially if seniors move in as a couple who will have different healthcare requirements in the future.

Typically, these are styled as apartment complexes that only senior residents can stay in, and sign a long-term agreement to secure their spot. Some more extravagant options might have larger accommodations, like townhouses, for each family. CCRCs include many nice amenities, such as home and yard maintenance, basic nursing assistance, and meal preparation.

Continuing Care Communities Offers:

Monthly Average Cost of Senior Care & Living


Varies By Community

CCRC Living in Washington

Seattle is a great place to live for people of all ages, especially those who enjoy the outdoors. Whether your loved one needs minor assistance, memory care, or simply doesn’t wish to continue maintaining a house, a retirement community can be the perfect solution. Remember, we rigorously check all facilities before recommending them.

Retirement communities in Bellevue provide a wide range of amenities to enjoy during the golden years. Across Lake Washington from Seattle, Bellevue has been ranked one of the best places to live in the country. The city provides a beautiful and more relaxing environment, with over 2,500 acres of parks and green spaces.

Everett offers a wealth of activities for seniors, both indoors and outdoors. If you have an elderly couple in your life, then Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Everett may be the perfect type of senior care community for them to retire in.

Tacoma has many retirement community options–and we’ve hand-picked the best. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and the Puget Sound, enjoy one of the most walkable cities in America. For those who enjoy going out on the town, Tacoma has a moderate climate and flourishing art and cultural communities.

What our customers are saying


I have worked with Concierge Care Advisors many times with my clients. I personally worked with them recently when moving my Dad home from Philadelphia. They are LIFE SAVERS!!!! If you have a family member that needs help finding assisted living, CCA should be your very first call. VERY FIRST call :). There are so many things to think about and consider that I never really knew. They helped me find a great place for my Pops, helped me negotiate with the facility and helped me navigate my emotions as well! It’s a lot and I am forever grateful to Concierge Care Advisors.

Lisamari Emery, Google Review

Our experience was outstanding! Sally was patient, knowledgeable and quickly was able to put together zoom tours over a couple of days. We appreciated her going to rehab where my mother was so that Mom could also participate in the zoom tours. I can’t say enough about the service. Thank you.

Stacey Krimetzs, Google Review

Absolutely amazing people here who genuinely want to help you and your family. I had been struggling for the past year and a half to find my grandmother the care that she needed. I was on my own and had no help from family. I could not get anywhere with the assisted living facilities in my area and my grandmother’s caseworker kept giving me the run around. The day I was given Vannah Roberto’s contact was the day that my grandmother and I finally got the help we needed. She kept in constant contact, explained every step of the process and found my grandmother somewhere to live within 2 weeks! Its been almost a month that my grandmother has moved in to her new home and Vannah still reaches out to make sure she is happy. She really cared about us and I can’t imagine where we’d be if I hadn’t got in touch with her. If you need the help, please reach out to this organization! They are here to help you!

Aneisha Thomas, Google Review

My brother lives in Olympia, WA state and I’m in Fl. Geographical distance made no difference to the superior service I got. My brother was having neurological issues, falling constantly, losing his grasp of reality. His marriage was falling apart as a result and his married daughter , also in Olympia, WA, contacted me in a panic as to what to do, where to turn, who might be able to help. I stumbled upon CCA’s clear and relevant statement of purpose, contacted Chelsea and never looked back. Specializing in senior transition, Chelsea performed a cursory eval on the phone with me first to get a picture of what was going on. Here is the most amazing part of Chelsea’s input: My brother had visited many facilities by himself, didn’t know what questions to ask and found none to his liking. He had to leave the facility he was currently housed in by the end of the month. I expected Chelsea to say waiting lists, financial income, medical needs, all the complicated blocks would prohibit finding a place for my brother in one month’s time. My brother was uncooperative and exhibiting fear, and mental indecisiveness. None of that deterred Chelsea. She was gentle, diplomatic, willing and confident of resources available. Never pressuring. She reached out to set up a conversation meeting with my brother, which he cancelled. His daughter and I were frustrated by my brother’s reluctance given the deadline. Chelsea was not. She teamed up with me and his daughter and provided us with a list of local facilities that would fit my brother’s needs as we described them to her.
His daughter, now more confident in the knowledge that Chelsea had her back, drove her father to a facility located near her and his grand-kids and both agreed it was the best fit…in the nick of time.
You can see how the family dynamics of this unfolded. It took Chelsea, a well seasoned CCA advisor to steer this family to happiness. We are very, VERY grateful.

Deborah Casey, Google Review