By Brenda Deschner, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

You wake up and go to work, just like any other Monday, when you get a call that your mother is in the hospital.  Fear, anxiety and panic overwhelm you. When my client’s son got to the hospital, I was there waiting for him. His mother has been living at home with an in-home caregiver eight hours a day for a few years.  She just recently became weak.  Her legs would lock up and she would fall, even while using her walker. Her caregiver has a true bond with her client. She knows she needs prompting to wash her face, brush her teeth and get dressed. She knows her client’s preferences and became very involved in letting the son and I know what her needs and wants are. She wasn’t sitting there acting as though she was afraid of losing her job. She was more like a family member who just wants the best care and lifestyle for her loved one. This is what we look for in a caregiver, for all of our clients.

We talked about an Adult Family Home. Suddenly the son and caregiver were panicked and told me stories when his father moved into an Adult Family Home, 25 years ago. Needless to say, it was a bad experience. One that has stuck with the family for more than two decades. I apologized for their bad experience and explained how we vet the locations we refer to. I let him know, “I won’t recommend a place for your mom anywhere I wouldn’t refer my own.”  He became a little more comfortable, but still had reservations.

We toured three Adult Family Homes, all near his home. When we were finished, he looked at me and said, “I kind of thought there were people who do what you do. I just wasn’t sure. Thank goodness the Social Worker told me about Concierge Care Advisors. I was so afraid I would not have time to do the research and find a good place for my mom to live. You made this so much easier for me, and I really appreciate what you are doing for our family.”  You could see a sense of relief, he now knows his mother will be nearby, in a good home, with excellent care.

At Concierge Care Advisors we don’t just find a place for your loved one to live.  We become an ally for your entire family, and a professional you can count on in a time of need; all while being humbled by your appreciation.