By Mary Cordova, EVP of Business Development at Concierge Care Advisors

As we prepare to celebrate for the upcoming holiday seasons like Halloween, fall festivals, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas, Hanukkah and other holidays, we should also be preparing our seniors for the forthcoming winter season. Just like we plan and prepare for all holidays, we should plan and prepare for good outcomes during the winter. This is a season in which seniors become very vulnerable and dependent on other people to remain safe in their own homes.

We often hear, “Oh, I just want to give Mom or Dad a few more holidays in their home.”  Then unfortunately, we hear a tragic story and they never make it to those holidays. I have seen this happen every winter season in particular and have thought about all the ways these catastrophes can be avoided.

I also see a lot of lonely seniors. Depression often starts with isolation. Many folks are busy with their own children and the bustle of the season, that they don’t have as much time for their own parents or loved ones. Let’s be realistic and be aware of the seniors in our lives that depend on us so much to make decisions for them; not always with them.

We must ask ourselves, “Are our wonderful seniors safe to be at home alone? What if it snows?  Can they get to all of the amenities they need to? Who is going to the grocery store? Who is running errands? Is now a good time to think about a transition, prior to winter, when we are all incredibly busy?”

Take some time now and ask yourself those hard questions. Concierge Care Advisors are here to help, and we take the work and the worry out of a transition for you. Even if you simply want an evaluation to understand if this is the right time, or if perhaps you just need to get some help. Many folks just stick their heads in the sand, and hope that they can get through the holidays and then they will take action.  Let us help you now, so that everyone can have a joyful holiday season.