By Vannah Rose Roberto, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

As covid-19 continues well into 2022, we have seen how detrimental self-isolation can be for seniors at home and how mental and physical functions play a huge part for high-risk seniors. Social interaction is of great importance to seniors.  It increases their physical and cognitive functions which is important for qualify of life. Without this stimulation, seniors are more at risk for a rapid decline mentally as well as physically. Our bodies and our minds are not separate at all. In fact, depression alone can cause common issues like headaches and fatigue. Imagine how severe it can be for seniors in isolation, without social interaction of their day to day lives, like Bingo nights, book clubs and religious functions, can cause depression, which can slow healing in physical illnesses and can lead to mortality.

What we have seen since the start of this pandemic is Assisted Living facilities and Adult Family Homes are taking extra precautions, even when regulations started lifting. Senior communities continued their protocols, including temperature checks for all visitors and keeping track of signs and symptoms of any illness such as coughs, colds and headaches. Assisted Living and Adult family homes are a much smaller community than Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Centers, it is easier for staff and residents to be screened for Covid symptoms.

We encourage seniors and families that are looking at the options that may be available to them for the level of care their loved one may need and consider a safe and social approach for the overall quality of life and psychosocial well-being. CCA can provide you a service that will best match you or your loved one to a community that is the best fit socially, emotionally, physically and financially to assist you in finding quality senior housing.