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Whether you contact us by phone, email, in-person, live chat, or even submitting a form from our website, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours (MAX).

Afterwards, we’ll set up a time to meet with you about the process and then we’ll meet with your elder. After assessing their living environment, if they need to make a move, we’ll find out what your senior needs to have and what they’d like to have.

More often than not, the needs are to:

  • Fit within budget
  • Live within location
  • Provide correct level of care

The wants vary across the board. Some want to be able to participate in coordinating events and continue being involved with their community; others simply want a drive service that will take them to and from church. We factor all these needs and wants into our assessment. We find the right senior care solutions for each person.

At the end, there are usually only two to four options that fulfill all those needs. And if your elder is taken with all of them, then you have several excellent choices – we will not tell you which to pick, the choice is theirs.

Complimentary Service

Like other senior care referral agencies, we do not charge the seniors or their families. Rather, we are paid on behalf of the senior living community they choose.

This is not like commission on a home. The amount our care advisors receive are factored from the marketing costs of the community – it really is free to you and your senior.

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