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Our Approach

Few people start the elder care process with a plan.

In many families, conversations with elders about the eventual need for care may not happen until there is a crisis. Many clients come to us because life-changing decisions suddenly have to be made after an accident or illness. Family members may already be burdened with trying to care for their loved one at home; or decision-makers may live too far away to properly evaluate everything themselves. Besides being stressful, these situations can leave seniors and their families vulnerable to unscrupulous senior care providers and agencies.

How does the Concierge Care Advisor Service Work?

At Concierge Care Advisors, the first thing our compassionate, professional care advisors will do is meet with you and your loved one. We will assess the current living situation and the level of care that the elder in question will need. Then, we will use this information to help you find the best fit among the relevant options. We will discuss social and lifestyle preferences, location, future needs, and available budget. As concierge-level assistants, we will take care of the paperwork, consult with medical professionals, help you find subsidies or financial assistance if needed, and even help you sell property or handle other logistics.

Our company was founded by industry insiders with a vision to protect seniors and their families, and help residents of the Pacific Northwest age gracefully with the dignity all elders deserve. At Concierge Care Advisors, you can count on us for:

  • Timeliness: We understand that most of these decisions are urgent. Our 3-minute online assessment tool is available any time. You can also chat with an agent or call our toll-free number. After you inquire, we will contact you with a personalized list of recommendations within minutes.
  • Experience: Every advisor on our team has extensive knowledge of their geographical area, insider knowledge of the senior care field, and a demonstrated passion for helping seniors and their families.
  • Transparency: Because we aren’t affiliated with any particular community, we will always find the best choice for you. We will never recommend anywhere we haven’t personally visited and verified with our high standards. And there’s never any pressure–if you or your elder don’t need to move to a dedicated care facility, we won’t recommend it.

For additional information, read  more about our team  and their extensive experience and credentials. Take a look at our disclosure statement or simply contact us  today!

What we offer is:

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