Nursing Homes in Kirkland, Washington are ideal communities for your loved one if they are in need of 24-hour care. Before making the choice, however, we recommend you consider all the options.

Nursing Homes provide the most senior care possible, outside of being in a hospital, because of this, it’s best to determine what kind of care your senior needs. If, for instance, your senior needs some minor assistance day to day—if they just need help driving or cooking food—then an assisted living facility might be a better option. Or if you’re worried about your loved one living alone because they seem lonely or depressed, then an Adult Family Home can provide intimate friendships, but have a registered nurse on-call. To know all the options available, contact one of our care advisors for help.

What is the Best Option for Seniors Struggling with Daily Living?

Nursing Homes in Kirkland, however, are, indeed, a great option for seniors struggling with daily living. They provide customized care to each resident—and that’s a point to stress. Seniors should feel like residents, not patients. Although the level of care is extensive, the staff are not there to make your senior feel like living is a degrading experience—if they do make your senior feel that way, then we will not affiliate with their community. Your senior should feel relieved. The stress of owning a home may hinder your loved one’s health. If it’s painful for them to get around without assistance, or if they’re unable to cook or clean for themselves then that’s what Nursing Home staff are for.

We’re here to help your loved one get the care they deserve. The environment is very friendly because the community makes it so. Being surrounded by peers and people in similar situations helps stir conversation among seniors. Of course, socializing keeps people engaged, whether it’s during games, walks, activities or events. The healthier the senior, the happier they’re able to be.

Constant Short Term Care for Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

In addition, some Nursing Homes in Kirkland offer Skilled Nursing Care, which is constant, short-term care. This is useful for anyone who has suffered an injury and is in need of rehabilitation or physical therapy.

If this sounds like a good option for your senior, then contact Concierge Care Advisors today. We have been voted Best Practice in the state of Washington and helped change state legislature regarding the quality of senior care facilities (see HB 1494). We offer our services for free because we actually care.

Many of our advisors have gone through the same steps. What’s more? Many of us have been disappointed and confounded by the treatment of our loved ones. We make sure that you can depend on us to assist in getting your senior the help they deserve.

For Nursing Homes in Kirkland, or any senior care center you may be interested in, we meet with you personally, assess your—and your loved one’s—needs, and then come up with a list of suitable communities that have passed our high standards. Then, we even tour the facility with you and will check back in a few weeks to make sure it’s a good fit.

If others managed to do what we do, we’d recommend them because this is the way it should be done.

Call one of our care advisors to get help today.

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