You may be worried about your senior living alone and you probably feel guilty for even considering putting her in a Home, but know that you’re not alone.

Nursing Homes in Everett are quality communities that will awe and amaze you. The facilities have been remodeling their “institution” –look for a more “homey” feel. They resemble modern housing and have numerous amenities to provide your senior with constant care, recreational activities, and even outdoor space.

The hominess of these communities is in part, due to the senior residents. Many seniors choose to bring their furniture, possessions, and pets to the facility, so it feels more like home. This aids in seniors feeling like they’ve contributed and can still get involved. When the residents are happy, they’re more open to socializing and conversation engages a part of the brain not normally used—therefore, it’s even healthy to have the environment this way.

Nursing Homes vs. Assisted Living, Retirement Home, Adult Family Home

As far as the constant care, know that Nursing Homes are not like Assisted Living, Retirement Homes, or Adult Family Homes. All of the latter options are forms of minor to moderate assistance for the elderly. Nursing Homes in Everett are the closest care your senior can receive without being in a hospital. They are for seniors that need 24-hour care and you should not consider Nursing Homes if your loved one needs help driving, cooking, or mowing the lawn.

After you explain to us your senior’s background and we assess their needs, we can recommend the type of facility to take your loved one. If they required Nursing Home care, then we’ll make sure the staff is there to take care of them.

Nursing Homes in Everett have an amazing staff. They provide personalized care, so your senior doesn’t feel like a patient, but a welcomed resident.

In addition, there are many recreational centers, events, and activities for your loved one. There are plenty of games made available to help your loved one improve their memory and engage them in the community. Outside, there are open spaces, parks, and pathways that are still within the facility’s premises. This way, your loved one can get outside without ever being in harm’s way.

Care Advisors in Everett

If you’re considering Nursing Homes in Everett for your loved one, contact one of our care advisors today. We care about your loved one’s wellbeing. We will meet with you, learn your—and your senior’s—needs, and assess what kind of housing is best. Then, we’ll present you with various communities in your area and affordable in your budget. After you decide on one, we’ll even tour the community with you so you get all the answers you need. We’ll even check up again in several weeks to make sure your senior is still receiving quality care.

Best of all, we provide all this as a free service. We truly care about your loved one’s needs. Call today for help finding the right nursing homes in Everett.

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