Nursing Homes in Des Moines are luxurious homes that may even make you envious. While Nursing Homes have often been regarded negatively in the media and popular culture, they are not the end-of-life care centers people believe them to be. Many Nursing Homes are actually modeled after modern homes and the reason for this is to keep them feeling welcoming and fresh to the residents. Plus, these facilities offer residents the right to bring their own furniture, pets, and possessions so they still feel at home.

Nursing Homes provide the most amount of care your senior could possibly have without being in a hospital. If your senior is struggling with daily tasks like cooking, transporting, or grooming, as well as memory loss or a physical condition, then Nursing Homes in Des Moines might be right for you.

These communities provide short or long-term, 24-hour care. If you or your senior requires the short-term care, then we recommend Skilling Nursing Facilities where residents are treated to the constant care until they are well enough to live on their own. Often times this form of short-term care is used for people who have suffered a physical injury and require physical therapy or rehabilitation.

Assisted Living and Adult Family Homes

Otherwise, if your senior is struggling with daily tasks but does not require 24-hour care, then they may better be suited to Assisted Living or Adult Family Homes. It’s imperative that you determine the level of care your senior needs before enlisting them in a Home, and that’s what Concierge Care Advisors are here to assist with.

It’s normal to feel guilty about putting your loved one in a home, but you shouldn’t feel that way. Living on their own can be a dangerous business and if your senior is struggling with memory problems, then you may come to visit them in their house and find the stove on. These indicators signify that your senior is prepared to move into a Nursing Home.

Ensure Your Loved One Stays Active in a Nursing Home

Nursing Homes in Des Moines provide games and activities for seniors to keep actively engaged, but they also provide numerous sports and fitness classes for all ages. In addition, your loved one will never undergo that feeling of isolation while they’re at a Nursing Home, as many provide outdoor walks and paths. These may be through gardens or an open space, but either way, one’s good for scenery and the other for picnicking.

If you’re considering Nursing Homes in Des Moines, then contact Concierge Care Advisors today, you’re guaranteed to get the best available care for your senior. Between the friendly staff, the location, and services provided, Nursing Homes in Washington provide all the ins and outs of owning a home without all the burdens of responsibility.

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