Nursing Homes in Bainbridge Island are incredibly senior friendly communities that offer your loved one all the care they need, specializing treatments based on your senior’s specific needs. If your loved one is struggling with day-to-day tasks and requires constant, 24-hour care, then a Nursing Home might be the best place to start looking.

Bainbridge may be an island, but in no way does it feel isolated and that’s the same atmosphere our network of Nursing Homes intend to replicate.

Nursing Homes are considered by many to be equivalent to Hospice Care, but that could not be farther from the truth. Nursing Homes have actually done a great deal of work to feel more like homes for its residents, trading in the institutional-look in favor of something more warm and homey. Residents often bring their possessions into their new homes to further make their room their own. What really makes Nursing Homes in Bainbridge Island so welcoming however, is the community.

These senior care centers are dedicated to providing highly trained staff, so your senior’s needs can be met. The staff look forward to developing a bond with residents and truly have a passion for their profession, many being registered nurses or specializing in gerontology. However, it’s not just the staff that make these Nursing Homes so warming, but the residents as well.

Nursing Homes in Bainbridge Island are comprised of residents in similar situations as your loved one. As a result, your senior is surrounded by their peers so they can actively socialize and have a wealth of people to develop lifelong bonds with. Plus, not everyone enrolled in a Nursing Home is in need of long-term care. Many facilities offer short-term care for people in need of physical therapy or rehabilitation of sometime, so often times there’s a variety of ages to socialize with. Since socializing engages the mind, these senior housing facilities are excellent locations to improve your loved one’s mental health.

Even though there’s no risk of your senior feeling lonely, some may wonder, especially on an island, if your senior will feel isolated. While Nursing Homes in Bainbridge Island are secure facilities, many offer open space and trails within the institution so your loved one can enjoy the environment from the safety of their secure housing.

Of course, seniors aren’t likely to get bored at a Nursing Home either. These communities provide a wealth of games and activities for your loved one to stay engaged and improve their wellbeing.

If you’re considering Nursing Homes in Bainbridge Island, speak with our certified care advisors. We associate with communities in the area that pass our severe scrutiny. We’ll assess you and your loved one’s needs, budgetary restrictions, and location preference. Then, we’ll even tour the facility with you to make sure that we ask all the right questions, so your loved one gets the care they deserve. Best of all, we offer our services free of charge.

If you’re struggling with the decision for long-term care, then fill out the form above, and one of our advisors will get in touch with you soon!