By Mary C.

I would like to honor my grandma Aurelia Cordova, she was a lady of I guess many words and very few few pictures. I’ve only seen three pictures of her in my life and this is one of them. She was raised in the mountains of Mexico in a town called Botopalis and raised her children in El Paso, Texas.

She loved to cook Mexican food for her family. Her belief was; around food, life happens!

Mexican Salsa
2 cans large whole peeled tomatoes (hand mashed)
4 jalapenos (boil until soft) mash add to tomatoes.
1 whole garlic clove to taste (chopped fine)
Pinch salt to taste
Cilantro half bunch to taste (finely chopped)

Add all ingredients together and hand mash until incorporated.

Great just with chips or add to any food especially with huevos (eggs).

Gracias, Mi Abuela!

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