By Sally Maddox, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

The impact of animals in our lives is immeasurable.  The importance of that companionship to seniors is invaluable.  Keeping the constant that has been present for years can make for happier transitions and a better quality of life.  For seniors leaving their homes with the chaos of change, the added thought of abandoning a pet is hard.

As a caregiver I noticed very quickly the joy my dog would bring my clients.  To the point where I think they might’ve loved her visits more than any other.  The genuine smile it brought to their faces was proof enough!  Walk a puppy through a long-term care facility and the change and smiles it brings down the hallway is palpable.

Assisted living communities and Adult Family homes will do their best to accommodate pets.  Some even offer pet services.  I love going into communities and meeting all the canine and feline friends.  Having a plan for how to keep in them in your life can keep your furry friends with you.  I can’t imagine my life without my pets, they help me stay grounded and calm.  Pets lower our blood pressure, increase sleep, ease anxiety and bring a smile to the day for those who love animals.  If the future can’t accommodate your pets, have a plan in place for them as well.  Having a plan can make all the difference in the face of the unexpected when the unexpected happens.