Memory Care

Memory care refers to all the forms of care that help seniors suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other progressive neurodegenerative disorders which make them prone to memory loss. It can be one of the most difficult things for both a senior and their family to go through, but thanks to advances in awareness, research, and care, these conditions can be slowed down. Hopefully one day, they can even be reversed.

Memory care varies in its forms, from in-home care to assisted living communities and adult family homes. The key features are treatment for symptoms, therapy to retain as much cognitive function as possible, supervised family visits to help loving relationships continue, and safety. Seniors with memory loss are likely to wander and become lost, suffer from disorientation even in familiar places, or forget to handle certain important things like turning off stoves, water taps, or even vehicles.

Referrals for Memory Care

Due to the complex nature of this condition, seniors will require a memory care facility with a specialized memory care program. Though many have them, the quality varies widely. Our Senior Advisors are able to find care that’s perfect for your loved one’s needs and wants, so reach out for a free consultation anytime.

Monthly Average Cost of Care

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*Aggregated monthly cost estimates. Costs may vary by community, market and individual care needs.

Memory Care in Washington

When your loved one is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, it can be very disorienting to be moved to a new location. For many elders, the best thing you can do is keep them in as familiar a setting as possible to strengthen existing memories rather than forge new ones. We can help you locate memory care services in Seattle.

As waiting lists for nursing homes and assisted living communities continue to get longer, a considerable amount of attention has been placed on the benefits of memory care. Well known for a being a specialized treatment option, memory care in Bellevue is designed to help those suffering from dementia.

For seniors suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s or other memory loss disorders, the best thing for them is to engage their senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight. In Everett, Washington, all these senses are engaged through the scenic nature environments and the friendly, urban areas.

Tacoma is a very nature-driven city with numerous parks, hikes, and gardens. All this is perfect for elders who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimers as this engages elders’ sensory muscles for them to strengthen their minds. For elders in need of cognitive help, there’s no better place.

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Excellent service, compassionate and friendly. A true angel!!!! Thank-you so much! Concierge Care Services helped me when I needed to find an affordable facility for my husband, quickly. They gave me accurate leads and negotiated a rate I could afford. Thank you so much.

Cynthia Jones, Google Review

Concierge Care, particularly Rose Fabrick, was so helpful in finding a place for our dad to live. I know she is busy but she always returned calls, had good suggestions and was always available on our schedule. I can’t say enough good things about the service she provided and even after our dad chose a place Rose hadn’t dealt with she still called to wish us well and gave us encouragement. I would recommend them for anyone needing an adult care facility.


I think you are great i loved all your post they are so helpful love you

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I can’t say enough about Concierge Care and especially Rose Fabrick.  I needed to find a specific kind of home for a person in a short amount of time.  Rose was diligent, efficient and worked with the family to get the placement done.  Good job  Rose!!!!

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