By Brenda Dreschner, Certified Senior Advisor at Concierge Care Advisors. 

I just recently helped a large family navigate through a very difficult situation. The husband was experiencing some memory loss, which is normal when you are 91. What is not normal is going to bed one night with your forgetful spouse, and the next day waking up next to an individual with a different personality, who is having hallucinations and is combative.

After taking him to the Emergency Room and an exhaustive battery of tests, the family was told he has Lewy Body Dementia and that he will no longer be able to live at home. This is where I came in and met with the family; wife, six children, two grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. None of these family members understood what is happening and do not know anything about this disease. Of course, they are fearful of what their future looks like.

I not only helped them find a Memory Care where he will receive the care he needs, and which allows the entire family to visit regularly, but I also helped the family with education about the disease and discovering local support groups. The greatest reward for me as an advisor is when the family you just helped says, “Thank you, I don’t know what we would have done without you!”

We go the extra mile at Concierge Care Advisors to ensure the safety and security of our clients, and I’m so proud to work with all of my colleagues here!