Open Enrollment for Medicare closes on December 7th and we’ve been meeting with a number of seniors that are struggling to enroll! However, since Medicare will cover many of the costs associated with inpatient and outpatient care, as well as some of the expenses associated with skilled nursing homes, it’s all the more important that you get signed up!

Common Questions and Problems

When it comes to Medicare open enrollment, seniors are expected to have read through all the necessary information. Of course they were mailed a packet… but like the “terms and conditions,” that doesn’t mean they read it.

For most of us, it’s simply easier to have a resource who can summarize the information quickly and effectively. And that’s where the frustration kicks in, because the site can be complicated to use; there’s an overwhelming amount of information; a short time-frame; and – let’s face it – health care is not easy to understand.

There’s Medicare Part A, Part B, Medicare supplement (Medigap), Prescription Drug Plans, Obamacare… or Medicare Advantage. So the question is, “What do I need?!” Because there is nothing worse than returning home (after a huge purchase) only to discover it’s not what you need.

(For example, Part B is optional and covers outpatient costs, which usually means doctors’ appointments. Meanwhile, Part A covers inpatient (hospital) costs. But – and a frequent complaint, I might add – is you can end up in the hospital for several days and still be treated as an outpatient. The doctors call this the observation period. So if that’s a pitfall you hope to avoid, Part B might be necessary!)

The point is, Medicare is not easy! Luckily, we and our network of colleagues are here to help!

Need Help Today?

Not a problem.

Contact our Care Advisors and we’ll help you – or put you in touch with people who can. We work primarily with independent brokers so you (or your senior) is informed about all the options before making a decision.

For instance, Julia Cooke is one of the health insurance brokers we work with at Concierge Care Advisors and she prides herself on being able to – and I quote – “digest large quantities of boring information that virtually nobody wants to read and boil it down into bite-size morsels of meaningful information.”

Sounds pretty great, right?

I mean, it sounds better than reading through the verbose Medicare open enrollment web pages to determine if you need Part B and if your pre-existing conditions are an issue; then look up Medicare supplement policies to see if you need that additional coverage or partial additional coverage, since there are 10 policies to choose from (plus the option for higher deductible plans), and then contact the various providers for the best price for the plan; THEN read into prescription drug coverage plans and providers; AND THEN compare your prospective Original Medicare plan against the cost of Medicare Advantage (with or without vision and dental coverage) and a possible drug plan supplement.

But wouldn’t it be easier just to talk live with someone who has done this a couple thousand times already?

Contact us if the vernacular of Medicare scares you; don’t worry, we have local experts to help you with your needs.