Long Term Care for Seniors

There are a lot of questions that come up when seniors may need long term care. Such questions include what options are available to you, how you might pay for it, and whether there is insurance to cover it. Concierge Care Advisors can help you navigate this overwhelming process.

Obtaining long term care insurance:

Long term care insurance is available, but like other forms of insurance you need to have it before you need to use it. It’s often a good idea to have some for a senior over 65 years old, especially if they’ve experienced one or two risk events like a fall or other sort of incident. Concierge Care Advisors has plenty of skilled insurance professionals to help you work out an appropriate plan for your loved one.

Using your long term care insurance:

If you already have long term care insurance, it can be difficult to figure out exactly where you can use it and for what types of care. It all depends on your plan and contract, and the policies of the various assisted living facilities you might contact. Luckily, our Senior Advisors know all about this industry and are skilled at getting to the bottom of who will accept your coverage. Once we’ve narrowed down your short list, we can help find the best community to fit a senior’s needs.