By Kathy Kappler, RN

As an advisor we must consider so many aspects of our clients needs wants and desires. We hope to fulfill all that we can by offering our personal one on one service. As we meet with our clients we take the time to get to know them by truly listening. A favorite quote of mine is “it’s always the person who talks the most who thinks the conversation went great”. By listening, we learn why the client may be in need of our services.
What happened to cause them to contact us or be referred to us? What is their time-frame? What are their physical, emotional and spiritual needs? Are they looking for some assistance in establishing home care or do they need to no longer safely stay in their home? We can soften the fear and worry of someone leaving their home by educating them to the simple process of how our service works.

As we talk with them, we will learn what alternative living option they are interested in. By listening to our client, we can help them determine which environment might be best for their needs. We can explain the difference between assisted-living communities, memory care communities, independent communities, and adult family homes. We accompany them to two or three options we have found based on their needs, concerns, location and finances. For many of our clients this opens up a whole new unfamiliar journey.

As an advisor, it is our job to be acutely aware of all of the fear, anxiety, guilt, anger and worry that can come with making this lifetime decision. However, by educating and hand-holding them through the whole process, we so often see their fears and anxiety dissolve as this lifetime decision becomes a comfortable, safe and good choice. It is heartwarming to follow the clients journey to such a good place.

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