By Shalane Farrell, Certified Senior Advisor at Concierge Care Advisors

I recently received a phone call from a frantic son who needed help finding a home for his father. There were a few logistics we had to handle. For example, his father was living in San Diego and had just lost his wife of 64 years a week prior, and who was his primary caretaker. His world had completely flipped in a matter of days. The son was feeling helpless, as he was in Seattle and felt he couldn’t really manage this from the distance. He made plans to go see his dad before Thanksgiving and while there, get everything in order for his father to make a move. The son had to get Power of Attorney (POA), all the chart notes from his father’s Primary Care Provider, pack up the house, etc. I could tell he was feeling quite overwhelmed by the whole process.

On a Tuesday, the son and I went to tour a few Assisted Living Communities in the Seattle area. He was very impressed but also wanted to consider Adult Family Homes (AFHs) as well. He really wasn’t sure which would be the best fit for his father. He kept saying, “It’s like choosing a college to go to, but it’s a home for my father”, whereupon we had a good laugh! I also spent some time educating him about how Medicaid works. I explained that AFHs (Adult Family Homes) are private pay but will often accept Medicaid after a period of time receiving private payment. Even though he really liked the Assisted Living Communities we viewed, I explained that once his dad ran out of money, he would have to move again because they don’t accept Medicaid; so, if the goal is to find your dad’s “forever” home and not have to move him again, this is likely a better choice. The son completely agreed and did not want his father to have to make another move, given how fragile he was.

We are touring three wonderful AFHs today and I have no doubt the son will be very impressed and choose a home for his father where he will be comfortable and well-cared for the rest of his life. He has sent me multiple emails/texts thanking me for everything I have done to navigate this process for him, whereupon I told him, “It’s my pleasure and I am happy to be able to help and take some of the stress off of you!”

If you are facing a crisis and need support and assistance navigating all the facets of making a move, please contact Concierge Care Advisors…we love what we do, and we will take the stress of you to make the transition as easy as possible for you.