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If your LOEFF member (a policeman or fireman) is searching for assisted living options in retirement, then Concierge Care Advisors has been uniquely identified by your LOEFF organization to be the best solution.

Here’s what Dan Downs, President of LEOFF, is saying:

Concierge Care Advisors is a vital resource to LEOFF members, helping our retired members enjoy their well-earned retirement. After a lifetime of public service, our members deserve a happy and healthy retirement. Concierge Care Advisors makes that happen.


For the policeman or fireman who has spent a career in public service, they can now enjoy the retirement so richly earned.  However; an assisted living solution, chosen without special consideration to LOEFF member’s particular attributes and needs, ensures discontentment.  Even a splendid assisted living facility, if not geared to the common characteristics of police and firefighters, is not a recipe for success or happiness.  Fortunately, Concierge Care Advisors understands police and firefighters’ unique experiences:


Retiring with bodies worn down by decades of physical service

Police and firefighting is physically strenuous work, eventually grinding down the body over decades of service.  This means police and firefighters often need extra services to repair their battered bodies.  LEOFF members often need rehabilitation, specialized physical therapy, or assistance with daily living and cognitive skills.  This isn’t a common capability at many assisted living communities, yet it is critical.

Retiring with well-defined pension benefits

After a career of service, the retirement benefits and pension payout amounts are precisely known; therefore, having a clear view of the financial resources, Concierge Care Advisors is able to identify the best assisted living options that are within the financial budget of the retirement plan.  Like any purchase, the objective is to get the best value for the money.

Continued celebration of brotherhood

Just because a policeman or fireman is retired, doesn’t mean the bonds of fraternity ceases.  Etched into their ethos, police and fireman still yearn for ways to express the emotional bonds that brought them through the tough times together.  This means, while in retirement, continuing to participate in rituals and traditions, celebrating anniversaries and festivals together, enjoying comradery, and recognizing the appreciation of service from their community.  For this critical emotional need, Concierge Care Advisors can find the right assisted living option that fulfills the spirit.

Anticipating future medical needs

It’s not just a matter of evaluating health now, but forecasting future needs as well.  Police and fireman work in hazardous environments, increasing all sorts of health risks.  LEOFF members should be looking for an enhanced assisted living environment that can respond to health complications, and can devise and execute healing plans.

Caregivers’ in-tune with policeman and fireman traits

After decades of working in a command-and-control environment, where orders are obediently followed, these traits are carried over into behavioral patterns in retired life.  Especially as members age and began to feel their own loss of independence, becoming cranky, stubborn, and barking out commands escalates;  therefore, for the sanity of the LEOFF members, it’s crucial the caregivers understand the underlying psychological components and employ effective behavioral tactics to foster amenability and happiness.  This is a soft skill, not easily recognized when searching for assisted living communities, yet one Concierge Care Advisors can help with.

Provides events crafted to their interest

Police and fireman remain community and service driven.  Even if they are no longer on the front line, they still want to be able to serve their community in some form.  This can translate into helping out at the community garden or the food bank, fixing bikes for kids, or participating on graffiti paint-out day.  Concierge Care Advisors can match the LEOFF member to the right assisted living community, making sure there are still opportunities to fill the heart.


For assisted living communities, a retired police officer or firefighter could be located anywhere, but the subtle reality is, only a select few can uniquely produce health and happiness.  Start this process by contacting Concierge Care Advisors by:

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