Veterans’ Benefits

The Veterans Administration (VA) provides supplemental income through the Veterans Pension to both veterans and their widowed spouses. If they are determined to require care and assistance, they may be eligible for an Aid & Attendance payment of up to $2,100 a month. If they’re homebound, they may qualify for even more benefits. Learn more about Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits.

Veterans’ & LEOFF Members’ Senior Care Needs

We’re honored to be able to help so many brave men and women who’ve served our country, states and cities well. They have earned a comfortable retirement, and if they need assisted living of some kind, we’re happy to find the best arrangement for them.

What features should senior care communities have to cater to service member’s unique needs?


Concierge Care Advisors is a vital resource to LEOFF members, helping our retired members enjoy their well-earned retirement. After a lifetime of public service, our members deserve a happy and healthy retirement. Concierge Care Advisors makes that happen.

Dan Downs, President of LEOFF