By Terri Wilson

…but maybe it should be. That sounds harsh; however, after so many years caring for seniors through their aging journey, I have witnessed the following scenario unfold too many times, and this week, I had another situation that broke my heart.

In this case, an adult child has decided against the advice of the grandparent’s Doctor, healthcare professionals and our Senior Advisor (whom aside from years of senior experience, works with the Dr.’s recommendation to assist senior’s into a safe and secure environment). These people were all trying to help the grandparent with current health needs as well as long term planning for what lies ahead in their journey.

It is not easy for anyone to realize or accept that their parent (the one who raised them, spent many sleepless nights, helped with homework, and a myriad of other sacrifices so that the child would not have student loans to pay for and other financial burdens), has gotten older and now is ill with a horrible prognosis. We always want families to have hope, but I’ve been witness to and believe, that “we expect the best, but must plan for the worst”. This philosophy has helped me personally many times in life when things didn’t go the way I’d hoped!

I encourage us all to listen and hear what professionals are saying, especially when there is no financial gain to be had in taking their advice. The experience of walking through the aging process and witnessing so many stories of lives well-lived into their 90’s can be helpful when someone finds themselves in the situation of a life altering event.

So now my heart is aching. After many days and hours of trying to help, I have watched the adult child go the opposite direction for the well-being of his grandparent. By ignoring the Doctor and healthcare professionals advice, I can be certain that we will see this senior again, probably back at a hospital emergency room for lack of proper care and oversight I just pray it is not too late for this amazing older adult! I was once told by a nurse pal, “It’s not illegal to make bad decisions…just hard to watch”.

Concierge Care Advisors have years of valuable experience to offer families that find themselves in life altering situations, whether at a hospital, a clinic, or just learning that your loved one has Dementia. Our services and resources cost nothing! Please pick up the phone and expect solid advice and education from trusted professionals who will ease the worry and help you manage what may seem like overwhelming choices and circumstances. It is our privilege to a ensure a good outcome for your loved one.