Senior Independent Living

Independent living is a lifestyle-based community for seniors who are in good health but would like to have a community of similarly aged and likeminded peers to do things with all the time. Sometimes, seniors opt for this type of housing because their house has recently become empty or it’s too large to care for alone. Typically such communities are built as fairly standard apartments but restricted to residents over a certain age. Such communities could be joined with assisted living or more advanced care units too, allowing for an easier transition should the need arise.

In addition to the other residents, the main benefit seniors get from this style of living are amenities and activities in close proximity. Depending on the community, features like golf courses, swimming pools, game rooms, movie theaters, and more are located onsite. They can do more of what they want with less effort, and with people whom they can relate to.

Independent Living Offers:

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*Aggregated monthly cost estimates. Costs may vary by community, market and individual care needs.

Independent Living in Washington

Those who have been living in the Emerald City their whole lives usually don’t want to leave. Fortunately, with independent living, they don’t need to. These are respectable retirement communities that allow for the maximum level of freedom while still being on-call for your loved one’s needs.

There’s no better place to be than in your own home. As you age, though, you may become limited in the daily activities that you are able to perform, which can lead to the need for specialized care. Unlike nursing homes, with independent living in Bellevue, you get to live in your own space, such as a condo or house. If needed, you can take advantage of basic assisted living services, such as meal preparation, fitness training, and more.

Everett is home to pristine lakes and gorgeous mountain views. If you or your loved one is looking for a way to retire in a lively setting, then independent living in Everett is the place. Here you can explore and continue your routine, but without the daily grind of chores and mindless housework to eat up your time.

There are a lot of things we “plan” on doing before we retire, but we don’t always accomplish everything on the list. Fortunately, for elders who seek out independent living in Tacoma, the opportunities are endless. Whether it’s learning a new skill, pursuing a dream, or getting in touch with nature, these communities offer it all.

What our customers are saying


I have worked with Concierge Care Advisors many times with my clients. I personally worked with them recently when moving my Dad home from Philadelphia. They are LIFE SAVERS!!!! If you have a family member that needs help finding assisted living, CCA should be your very first call. VERY FIRST call :). There are so many things to think about and consider that I never really knew. They helped me find a great place for my Pops, helped me negotiate with the facility and helped me navigate my emotions as well! It’s a lot and I am forever grateful to Concierge Care Advisors.

Lisamari Emery, Google Review

Our experience was outstanding! Sally was patient, knowledgeable and quickly was able to put together zoom tours over a couple of days. We appreciated her going to rehab where my mother was so that Mom could also participate in the zoom tours. I can’t say enough about the service. Thank you.

Stacey Krimetzs, Google Review

Absolutely amazing people here who genuinely want to help you and your family. I had been struggling for the past year and a half to find my grandmother the care that she needed. I was on my own and had no help from family. I could not get anywhere with the assisted living facilities in my area and my grandmother’s caseworker kept giving me the run around. The day I was given Vannah Roberto’s contact was the day that my grandmother and I finally got the help we needed. She kept in constant contact, explained every step of the process and found my grandmother somewhere to live within 2 weeks! Its been almost a month that my grandmother has moved in to her new home and Vannah still reaches out to make sure she is happy. She really cared about us and I can’t imagine where we’d be if I hadn’t got in touch with her. If you need the help, please reach out to this organization! They are here to help you!

Aneisha Thomas, Google Review

Julie was the point person for us to find a place for our 94 year old Dad. It was very stressful deciding the best care and Julie set up an easy zoom call with caregivers that matched the care our Dad needed. Julie was patient, kind and very thorough. The ultimate place we chose, was perfect for our Dad and were so thankful for Julie’s guidance. Months before this, we had so much frustration with no assistance and Evergreen passed Julie to us. She’s every bit an angel and we would highly recommend her to help anyone facing such a difficult decision! Thanks so much!

Debbie Schlosser, Facebook Review