By Vannah Rose Roberto, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

It is no easy task for family members to bring up the discussion of additional help for their aging loved ones. Afterall, the most important character trait we all have is our independence! Sometimes even the simplest tasks are the most difficult, but also important for seniors. We must remember that it is not easy to let go of something you have been doing independently for so many years, and how hard it must be to no longer be able to do so without the need for help. Change is never easy, but always necessary for the greater good of… well, everything. When it comes to seniors, it’s their overall safety and quality of life that is most important.

Seniors may not feel the need to act on accepting help for a lot of reasons, not just their independence. Perhaps the thought of burdening you with their needs and becoming “one more thing” to add to your responsibilities, although you may offer without any hesitation. It could be that they just don’t understand the sense of urgency or need for help. This could be a great way to introduce senior support from other people that are aware of your loved one’s health condition such as their primary care doctor, social worker/health navigator at their doctor’s office, or a Senior Transition Advisor such as Concierge Care Advisors! Getting other people involved can also be helpful for your loved one to see a different prospective aside from family members and could create headway towards considering more options available for extra support.

We know that communicating and understanding your loved one’s needs and helping you navigate this process is a difficult task. We would love to be able to assist you and your loved one here at Concierge Care Advisors! Call us today at (855) 444-SENIORS(7364).