By Lori Stevens, Certified Concierge Care Advisor

I recently worked with a woman whose mom had moved into an adult family home just a few months prior. The look of the home was beautiful; brand new furnishings, great location, and friendly caregivers. But every time the daughter came to visit, her mom would say that they weren’t very friendly to her. The daughter couldn’t understand why a place that appeared so wonderful wasn’t making her mom happy.

The daughter decided to go ahead and reach out to Concierge Care Advisors, as we had great reviews on Social Media. When I spoke with her the first time, she gave me a list of 15 adult family homes she had checked into over the past week. She did not find anything she truly liked or thought her mom would be happy with. Within a day, our social workers were able to come up with three great homes that met her requests, such as price, location, medical background of caregivers, and overall good reviews. After we visited the first home, the daughter told me this home was better than all the others she had seen. The next home we went to was even better! For a minute, she considered not even going to the third and final home as it was a little further away. She had already made her decision that it would be one of the first two. But since we already had an appointment to look at the third one as well, we went ahead.

From the moment she walked in the door, she felt this was the place for her mother. The owners were there to greet us at the door, so accommodating and friendly. Several caregivers were interacting with the other residents, the house was clean, upbeat, well appointed, and beautifully decorated for the holidays. The daughter really connected with one of the owners as he was of the same ethnic background as her mother. She knew it would be a perfect match and her mom would feel comfortable there. Within just a few days, arrangements were made and her mom was moved from a place she was unhappy in to a place she felt totally comfortable and at ease. The daughter did not have to worry or be concerned any longer. The daughter just kept repeating to me “why didn’t I contact you in the beginning! You would’ve saved me such a tremendous amount of time and effort.”  I was happy that she finally did, and that the outcome was so positive for her mom.