By Brenda Deschner, CCA Certified

As a Senior Care Advisor I am meeting with families when they are going through some big changes. I love what I do. I attempt to bring joy or happiness into a very trying time for my clients. I wear purple every Thursday and walk around saying, “Happy Purple Thursday”. It always strikes up a conversation when I can talk about Alzheimer’s Awareness. I wear blue on Friday’s for Blue Fridays. GO HAWKS!

When I visit a local hospital I have to sign in every time I visit. The sign-in sheet is at the Volunteer’s desk. A few weeks after I started working with Concierge Care Advisors, I had a conversation with one of the volunteers at the hospital. She asked me what it is I do. When I explained that I help seniors find a home with care, she looked at me and said ever so kindly, “Oh honey, you are so sweet, I bet you are amazing at what you do!” It took me by surprise; not because she was kind, but how she said it. I told her, “Thank you, you sounded like a Mom when you said that and I appreciate it, because I have lost my mother”.

This lead to her to describing the loss of her son to me. She told me about a car accident he was in 10 years ago, and that she knows he is watching over her because she finds feathers in her path frequently. I then felt compelled to tell her how I think my mom visits me as a dragonfly. We wished one another well and went along with our day.

The next week I came in as usual. Only this time my new friend, Rosalie, was standing at the desk with a zebra print gift bag with a pink ribbon. She looked at me and said, “You inspired me”. Shocked, I ask her how. Rosalie, as cute as can be, tells me: “I was as at the Farmer’s Market this weekend looking at jewelry, when a dragonfly flew right in front of me and hovered by these earrings.” She hands me the gift bag and says, “These are from me and your Mom”. It was a pair of dragonfly earrings. This simple act of kindness and thoughtfulness left me weeping in the lobby of the hospital. I have worn those earrings once a week ever since.

Until last week, when Rosalie surprised me again with a pair of purple dragonfly earrings to wear on my Purple Thursdays! Literally one year to the day that she gave me the first pair.

What I didn’t mention is that I had no one to help me when I lost my Mother. Every time I meet with a new client, I’m remembering what it was like for me when I felt so lost and confused. Afraid of making the wrong decision. The fear of losing my mother taking over my thoughts.

I will never be able to express to Rosalie how much she inspires me. Every time I wear those earrings I want to make her and my mother proud. I have a sense of a warm hug encompassing me. That is exactly how I want my clients to feel. Like they can take a deep breath and know I am there to comfort and guide them through their journey.

So if you ever see Rosalie, please give her a big smile and tell her, Brenda told me how amazing you are!