By Gabriella Loya, BA., Senior Advisor at Concierge Care Advisors

Hospice sometimes gets a bad reputation under the word because often people think death and end of life when they hear hospice. This can be true with some cases, but many people would be surprised to hear that people often graduate from hospice and go on to live more years. What I find myself explaining to family’s time and time again, is that hospice services are just another support system for the family members, senior, and the rest of the caregiving team. Hospice can provide all the medical equipment needed for someone and when ordered through hospice it is all covered by insurance.

Hospice provides not only nursing care but also social work, prayer support, and many community resources. There are many cases where hospice is brought in and the person is not passing away, but just needs more medical supply support, or nursing support to successfully stay in the environment they are in if that is at a facility, Assisted Living community, their own home, or Adult Family Home. With the extra hands and equipment, people can get better and their symptoms can improve.  This then leads to folks graduating and no longer needing hospice services. There is no private pay cost for hospice if the doctor or provider orders it and it is needed, so I often encourage hospice services if the families can receive it. Hospice is only more support and care.  If it means end of life or potentially just a stage in their care, they will receive very personal and intimate care from nursing staff and social workers who have big hearts and a passion for helping people.