By Jessica Claybrook

Recently, I was introduced to a gentleman who reached out for help on behalf of his 91-year-old mother. He and his brother were visiting their mother a few times a week; however, with their lives residing primarily in East King County and mom was living alone in SeaTac, the traffic getting down to south Seattle was getting to be fairly draining.

Moreover, their mother was originally from Japan, and with her progressing dementia, has started to resort back to her native language. Fortunately, they were able to secure a caregiver who also spoke Japanese; however, as her care needs increased, the expenses of in-home care costs were also rising. The in-home care agency recommended that this family reach out to Concierge Care Advisors to find the best long-term option for their mother moving forward.

I am so happy that this family chose to partner with Concierge Care Advisors, as a benefit of utilizing a local senior housing service, we were able to locate a Adult Family Home that tailors specifically to the Japanese culture, located much closer to where the sons live and fits their financial needs.

It is truly the best feeling when we’re able to help a family go from struggling with a search to finding their perfect puzzle piece ultimately adding to their loved ones quality of life as well as their own piece of mind.